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SENA WalletBook

Sena WalletBook is an iPhone 4 case which acts as a wallet. Besides carrying an iPhone 4, this case can also carry a couple of credit cards and money. I have reviewed several iPhone 4 cases in the past (including Moshi iGlaze 4, Fantabulous iPhone 4 Pouch and others), but this one is unique.

SENA Walletbook iPhone4 Case

The key features of WalletBook iPhone 4 case includes –

– Protecting the iPhone 4 from physical damage.

– Unlike most of the cases, it protects both, the front and the rear part of the iPhone 4.

– Acts as a wallet (along with an iPhone 4, it can carry driving license, credit cards and money).

– All buttons are accessible and so is the camera.

The very first impression of this case was extremely good, I was impressed with the cover and everything. This case is simply superb and I am loving it. Just a couple of problems which I have faced so far includes –

– Touching the corners of the screen doesn’t functions at times. The case doesn’t lets you touch the corner properly at times.

– When I am on a call, this case has to be kept open, that is uncomfortable and that looks weird too.

So, these two were a couple of problems which other users will also face. The list of features is still way bigger than the problems and I personally like to use this particular case on my phone.

Overall Rating – 8/10 – Highly Recommended.

Official WebsiteSena Walletbook.

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  1. peter says:

    this leather case is nice but I still love my carbon fiber case for my iphone 4.

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  2. Alex says:

    Good review! Thanks for the reminder about the open flap when speaking on the phone, I must admit I did not think about that.

    I will continue to shop around a bit.

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