Speculations on iPhone 5 Continue – Rumors about Better Graphics for Better Gaming Experience


IPhone 5 with better graphics

Even as speculations regarding the highly anticipated iphone 5 continue, new news has come to light. Imagination Technologies, the creator of the new Rogue processor, and in which Apple has a 9.5% share, is probably set to integrate the new processor with iPhone 5 in order to improve its graphics. The new processor is based on the same architecture that Apple uses in its iPads and iphone. According to reports, six major international conglomerates are to be the licensed users of the processor. As of now, the names of only three companies, ST-Ericson, MediaTek and Texas Instruments, have become known. CEO of Imagination Technology, Hossein Yassaie, confirmed the fact that six major companies are being licensed to use the new processor.

Rogue slated to be a definite inclusion

If Apple includes this new feature in its iPhone 5, then gamers will be in for a real treat. Improved graphics translate directly into a superior gaming experience. The CEO also said that the entire embedded and mobile market of the world has woken up to their new processor. The new graphics enhancer is being spouted as a definite inclusion in iPhone 5, firstly because iPhone needs better graphics interface and secondly because, Apple already has an important stake in the company.

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