Unlocking AT&T iPhones Now Possible from April 8


AT&T finally blew their longstanding policy for not unlocking Apple iPhones. Customers who have completed the two-year service contract with AT&T will now be able to unlock their iPhones to use any SIM from Sunday, April 8, 2012. Users still in the contract can also unlock, but paying a termination fee. Now users can unlock their AT&T gadgets for international use.

Why Unlock?

Unlocking iPhone can allow you to switch to any local GSM network- and this is very useful if you have to go abroad. Another thing to note here is that unlocked AT&T iPhones will not work with Sprint or Verizon because those services rely on CDMA. It will work on T-Mobile but data speeds are not better than 3G.

Why AT&T, Changed Heart

AT&T, until now, did not allow its users to unlock iPhones and jailbreaking was the sole option. AT&T, sites still show the iPhone is not eligible for unlocking, but reports confirm that if your AT&T account is in good standing you could unlock your iPhone.

This change of policy puts AT&T with the likes of Verizon Wireless and Sprint, which has always allowed the unlocking even while in the contract. It is great that Apple has been selling full price unlocked iPhones from mid 2011.

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