Apple is going to launch low end cheap iPhone


The Mobile handset market is filled with the news of new high end iPhone from Apple. Apple is launching this new gadget in a view to directly kill the competitors’ products. It is about to launch its next generation iPhone in two different versions. The company plans to bring a cost effective model to meet the style of the consumers. The device is totally re-designed to act as a new status symbol for the handset users. These two phones are expected to hit the market later this September.

Features of these devices

These two devices will look completely different in designs so the customers can easily differentiate between the two. The company remained silent when it came to revealing the price of the two iPhone devices. Another attractive feature of one of these devices is that this higher end device will have a curved glass cover on the screen. The more expensive of the two will also be bigger in than ever before and will feature an 8-megapixel camera.

High Investment

News have spread that Apple have invested in 200-300 glass cutting machines for the manufacturing of these two iPhones. It seems that this equipment will feature some of the additional benefits and qualities that would address the demand of the customers.


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