Apple launched cloud-based service today


Though Apple today launched its cloud-based and syncing service, iCloud but unfortunately it is not yet available to all the users. Users need to have a developer account if they want to sign in to the service.

How iCloud is Helpful

This service lets you view, add or change contacts or store documents without any hassles with the help of the platform’s iWork application. It can do wonders in case iPhone gadget is stolen or lost as with the use of this service, we can track the location of the device on a map.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple claimed that the platform will be capable of syncing all the devices including iPads, computers and iPhones with iBooks.

Most Interesting Part

The amazing part is the same service can be used for backup purposes and it will offer up to 5GB of free storage. Though it is impossible to predict how popular service is going to be but it is certain that up to 150 million users could sign up for the cloud-based service. Stay tuned for more updates on this. The day is not far when the service will be available to all the folks.

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    If you’re only looking to be able to access your files from your mobile device, apps from CrashPlan, Mozy and Carbonite will do this for you. But the Dropbox app allows you to also upload

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