Apple to Introduce iPhone 6S with 3D Features in 2015


iPhone 7The much awaited iPhone 6S from Apple is likely to arrive in 2015. Gadgets world temporarily refers to it as iPhone 6S, but it may well be christened as iPhone 7 by Apple.

New Features

There are reports on some of the technology blogs that this device could have a 3D display screen. So it could be official goodbye to the present touch screen technology which is an in-cell type of technology requiring people to wear glasses for 3D images. Naturally, this feature would require a major overhaul of both hardware and software components and Apple is up to it. The other feature that Apple might incorporate in the device is 3D’s hyper-reality. This feature entails usage of sensors to that the home screen can change as per the head movements of the user.

Market’s Expectations

Gadgets world wants the 16GB models to be out of Apple’s portfolio. In addition, it wants apple to include wireless charging feature. Improvement in lightning cables is another thing that people desire in their Apple iPhone devices. In so far as the camera is concerned, market is not too disappointed with what has been provided in iPhone 6 Plus. So in all probability, that will stay.

Apple may be a bit too late to catch the festive season sales for its 6S device. But if rumors and what has been deduced by the market so far are right, there will be many who will defer their purchases to 2015. It is not as if the 3D related technologies have not been offered before. But Apple is known to improve on such technologies. Therefore, market will look forward to this device. Hopefully, the official announcement comes in time, especially considering the faulty Flash memory in some of the Apple devices that were released in September 2014.

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