Apple to sign a deal with China Mobile


The world’s largest mobile phone producer, Apple is negotiating with a Chinese mobile phone company, China Mobile, so as to bring iPhone to the Chinese market. In an interview with the company (China Mobile), Steve Jobs told that they are planning to bring iPhone gadgets wherein customers will be able to enjoy 3G benefits over China Mobile’s network.

Possibilities in Chinese Market

Today, approximately 8 million consumers of China Mobile are using iPhones, though they are not 3G devices. It is believed that the deal Apple is going to sign with the China mobile market may bring around 600 million new customers which is a big number.

The revenues, expected to rise with this deal

China’s customers are bringing a hell lot of revenue, like in the last quarter Apple earned approx $4 billion revenue while in the last year Apple earned about $9 billion. This is why Apple COO, Tim Cook, said that China is most valuable market to Apple’s revenue. It would not be wrong to say that; the revenues may climb even higher once the deal is signed between Apple and China market. Also, China mobile is expected to benefit a lot from this deal.

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