Are 3D Phones Really Worth It?


The latest buzz in the market is all about the arrival of the new 3D phones. While 3D HDTVs have become a big hit with the general public, one has to wonder if 3D phones will ever do all that well. Sharp, the Japanese electronics giant, had taken on the initiative of launching 3D phones. Now, big players such as HTC and Samsung are trying to enter the fray as well. The point is, are 3D phones really worth it? Will they give the consumer the level of extreme satisfaction they promise to offer? Read on to find out more….

What are 3D phones?

3D smartphones promise to bring users an amazing 3D experience with their phones, without the need for using special 3D glasses.

What are the latest 3D smartphones?

  • HTC EVO 3D from Sprint is already out in the market and is now the talk of the town. It has managed to grab a few eyeballs, if not a few sales.
  • The LG Thrill 4G to be introduced by AT&T is now awaiting release sometime soon. The Optimus 3G, which is the international version of the thrill, is also much sought-after right now.
  • Besides, there is a rumor of Samsung releasing a 3D version of its very own Galaxy S II, though there are no confirmed reports of the same.

So is the concept of 3D phones really worth it?

Is all this merely a sales gimmick or hype? Does this 3D thing really work on smartphone display screens?

Well, the fact is that the 3D feature works great on apps that are optimized for the 3D screen. In this case, the 3D effect is pretty much stunning. Some 3D games are especially enjoyable with this special effect.

Of course, the fact remains that the screen is much smaller and so, you may not get the perfect 3D effect all the time, especially when viewed from different angles. Besides, you will only end up with a headache if you use this view for too long.

Individually, all the above-mentioned smartphones are absolutely great and are loaded with amazing features. But none of them are really all that revolutionary and maybe the addition of the 3D element will inject the extra zing into them.

The need of the hour is to design icons, widgets and apps that would most enhance the 3D element of the phone. Android being a very versatile mobile platform, could probably be used to play around more with this feature.

In conclusion, though it may take a little time for the masses to accept the concept of 3D technology in smartphones, it may well catch on in the near future, provided that smartphone manufacturers and app developers take the time to study the 3D concept in its entirety and incorporate it in a way that is practicable and usable.

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  1. james braselton says:

    hi there yes 3d cellphones are worth it the 3d screens are better you can be off center by 20 to 40 degrees right or left and still get 3d image and futuer 3d screens will get better and better its just the begainging

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  2. james braselton says:

    hi there you can be up too 3.3 feet 39 inches or 1.1 meter

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  3. james braselton says:

    hi there played with a lg thrill 3d phone soo i know

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  4. Susanna Yuricic says:

    Now it looks like an xbox 360 controller with 2 screens. Why

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  5. james braselton says:

    hi there you mean looks like nintendo wii u controler with a 6.2 inch touch screen like sega dream cast

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  6. james braselton says:

    hi there have the 3d lg thrill worth every cent becuase you have 3 3d games preloaded preloaded 3d videos a 3d e-book and you can even play 3d movies mspot has 7 -9 3d movies gameloft has 46 3d games

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