ARM Releases Cortex-A7 Processors for Enhancing Smartphone Power


ARM, the processor technology giant, which powers almost every conceivable smartphone available in the market today, has now released its Cortex-A7 processor, especially for smartphones. According to the company, the Cortex-A7 processor will considerably lower power consumption in smartphones, while also increasing cost efficiency and device efficiency. The company further claims that this new technology is expected to lower the cost of smartphones to lesser than $100 by the year 2013.

The Cortex-A7 processor, which is only 20 percent, effectively, one-fifth, the size of the more recent single-core Cortex-A8 processor, is supposedly 5 times more energy efficient than the latter. Hence, it also scores performance-wise. The Cortex-A8 powers some of the best smartphones today. However, this technology makes the mobile device expensive. ARM states that, once launched, the Cortex-A7 will offer much better performance than a $500 handheld.

How the Cortex-A7 Processor Acquires So Much Power

ARM revealed that it has introduced a system-on-a-chip processor, which it calls the big.LITTLE processor. This system combines the high-performance Cortex-A7 with the high-powered Cortex-A15 processor. The big.LITTLE system enables the device to ascertain and select the amount of processor power required for a particular task.

Mike Inglis, Executive Vice President, Processor Division, ARM, had this to say about the Cortex-A7 processor: “As smartphones and tablets continue to evolve into users’ primary compute device, consumers are demanding performance as well as the always on, always connected service they expect. The challenge for our industry and the ARM ecosystem is how to deliver on this.” He continued, saying, “The introduction of Cortex-A7 and big.LITTLE addresses this challenge and extends ARM’s technology leadership by setting a new standard for energy-efficient processors and redefining the traditional power and performance relationship.”

Well, guys, are you not just waiting for the formal market introduction of this new technology? Imagine how good it would feel to own a powerhouse performer of a smartphone for under $100. It is almost too good to believe, is it not?!

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