AT&T Announces Jelly Bean Update for the HTC One X


On Thursday, AT&T has finally announced that the HTC One X will have the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. HTC One X users can check for the update by connecting via Wi-Fi and then going to Application, then Settings, then About the Phone and then Check For Update. Then the user has to follow the instructions diligently!

Google Now app Offering

Google Now app will be the best goodie that will come with the much awaited pack of Jelly Bean on HTC One X gadget. This is one of the popular apps since it provided information about weather, flight data and tracking data. This update is quite special as it is offering so many goodies in a single swipe.

Other changes

Other changes in the update are change in the notification display, collapse notifications, viewing full messages and photos on the notification itself. Apart from this it will hugely save time by not having to open apps for certain details like details of meetings and so on. There is even more- self photo shoots and timer enable to click your own picture! AT&T is planning the same OS on other devises too, but for that time you will have to be patient.

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