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AT&T is one US mobile carrier that has managed to come up with many types, brands and models of interesting mobile phones and smartphones. Though there are those who may be tempted to complain about the giant’s connectivity once in a way, there is no denying the sheer presence of this carrier and its standing in the entire United States of America. In this post, we bring you AT&T touchscreen phones with QWERTY keyboards, which cost under $100.

  • AT&T Quickfire

The AT&T Quickfire, which has been around since 2008, has a nice overall design and intuitive controls that makes it one of the better messaging phones in the market.

It further comes with a 1.3MP camera and a self-portrait mirror on the back. Offering great image, graphics and sound, this one also has a neat music player that is bound to please the music freak.

Looking much like the T-Mobile Sidekick, the neat slide-out QWERTY keyboard is one of the main attractions of the AT&T Quickfire. Additionally, it also comes with powerful multimedia features, HSDPA speeds, stereo Bluetooth, A-GPS and a Web browser as well. The only real problem with this phone is its touchscreen interface that could have been a little more responsive to touch.

The other thing which goes against this phone is its weight – it is a bit on the bulky side, which may not go down so well with those who prefer lightweight phones.

The best thing about this phone is undoubtedly its price, which is a mere $99.99 along with a two-year contract.

  • LG Xenon

The AT&T LG Xenon is a great touchscreen phone with keyboard, which gives you plenty of features and shortcuts, 3G speeds, quad-band support, GPS, 2MP camera and much more.

This phone comes with a large touchscreen interface and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, thereby making messaging very easy. You also have a music player, full HTML browser, stereo Bluetooth and more on board the LG Xenon.

This phone also comes at $99.99 with a two-year agreement.

The main problem with this phone is the audio quality, which tends to be a little warped at times. It also does not offer POP or IMAP email support, which is a minus.


  • Nokia E71x

The AT&T Nokia E71x offers a comfortable design and great features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, 3.2MP camera and many of AT&T’s services. Its keyboard is probably its most striking feature. The full QWERTY keyboard is very solid and makes it very easy to type messages.

This smartphone has Nokia’s typically strong, enduring build and is great for business phone users looking for a reasonably priced messaging smartphone.

The only problem with this phone, though, is its GPS feature, which takes a while to find your location. The AT&T Navigator does give trouble finding a place sometimes, while at other times, it just logs on instantly.

This one is also priced at $99.99 along with a two-year contract, just like the others above.

There are many other great touchscreen keyboard phones from AT&T. The above are the most reasonably priced among them. Browse the Web and choose your best model. Happy shopping!

nokia e71x

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