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Bluetooth headsets, though all too common today, are still about the most useful mobile accessories ever. Today, we find a huge variety of Bluetooth headsets in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of brands and models. Today, we focus on 3 of the best ever Bluetooth headsets for 2011.

Blueant V12

The Blueant Wireless V12 LCD Bluetooth headset receiver is unique, as it comes with an LCD display for viewing the identity of the caller. It also can be used to view battery status as well. This headset can store up to 10 contacts, a feature which comes in handy quite often.

Giving a good ear fit and reasonably good sound quality, it also gives you a vibrating alert and micro USB lanyard as well, so you do not necessarily have to have it attached onto your ear all the time.

One problem with this headset is that it is larger than most average headsets, and hence, tends to feel a bit bulky. Also, it does not score very high on the design scale. But if it is quality that you are looking for all the way, then this is indeed your product.

Blueant V12

Motorola H800 Slider

The Motorola H800 Slider comes with a quaint slider design, which is not seen in most Bluetooth headset models. This brand gives you the convenience of going hands-free, without in any way going easy on the style factor. This mono headset comes with laser-etched details and includes some impressive functionality as well.

This headset is activated when you slide the mic open. It also automatically powers down when not in use, so as to save battery power. The RapidConnect technology connects you easily to the person on the other end. It also gives you excellent noise reduction and echo cancellation features as well.

This Bluetooth headset also gives you a good fit and great audio experience. But some users report a feeling of discomfort for prolonged use.

The Plantronics Voyager 510 is a very stylish and sleek Bluetooth headset, which is also extremely comfortable to use. This headset gives you amazing range and very good sound quality even while in the great outdoors.

The flexible clip snugly fits the ears, giving you a feeling of maximum comfort. The audio boom is adjustable and so you can adjust those to match your taste. This device is easy to operate even while on the go.

The Voyager is also capable of blocking external background sound and it is a great travelling companion for you.

The only problem with this Bluetooth headset, though, is that it is a bit wanting as far as getting on top of wind noise is concerned. You will probably have to shout out loud to make yourself heard to the other person, during high winds. But that again is a problem with most Bluetooth headsets out there.

There are many, many other Bluetooth headsets in the market. Take your time to choose from among them, try them on before your final purchase and then make your selection.

Plantronics Voyager 510

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