Best Deal on iPhone 5 from Walmart


Walmart shocks the market with unbelievable prices of iPhones and iPad. They are sold for even lesser cost than the RadioShack and BestBuy as the price tag of iPhone 4S will be $47 and iPhone 5 will start just for $127. This slashing price of phones starts from14 December.

Deals of Walmart

Walmart takes the market into surprise by offering iPhone 5 at the starting price of $127 and iPhone 4S for $47. The 3rd generation iPad is available for just $399. BestBuy and RadioShack offer the iPhone 5 for $150 and the iPhone 4S for $89.97. Not only on these Apple products, the costs are lowered, but also the 3rd generation iPad is sold for the cost that Apple sells the iPad 2. In addition, $30 worth iTunes is got free of cost when the buyer gets a fourth generation iPad.

Walmart Vs Target

Target, a rival of Walmart too offers deals on Apple gadgets and that will start on 16 December. Prepaid of 16 GB iPhone 4S virgin mobile is offered at $399.99, instead of $449.99. However, it is not a good discount, but it is available for off-contract.

These deals are offered only in stores of Walmart and Target.

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