BlackBerry 7.1 is Officially Launched


The BlackBerry 9720, which uses the BlackBerry 7.1 OS, and has a QWERTY keyboard, has been finally brought out for the consumers. The new device contains the updated User Interface, which has the swipe to unlock feature. The users can now use the camera even if the BlackBerry 9270 device is locked.

Specs of BB 7.1

The device has a capacitive touchscreen of 2.8 inch with a full QWERTY physical keyboard including optical track pad. It will run on the processor of 806 MHz Tavor MG1 and has RAM of 512 MB. Moreover, the device supports HSPA and quad band EDGE and the speed ranges to 7.2 Mbps. Users can enjoy music as FM Radio is fitted in the device. On the side of device users can find the short cut keys for BBM and BBM Voice feature. The gadget will be available in multiple colors, such as, purple, blue, black, white and magenta.

The hardware specs seem to be that of BlackBerry 10, and this device is powered by 7.1 OS. The company is aiming to get the smartphone targeted at the entry level customers who wish to get smartphones without having to burn their wallets.

Pricing and Availability

Asia, Latin America and EMEA markets are the ones that are going to get hands on the Blackberry 9270 gadgets in a few weeks. Though the device is unveiled, the price is not yet given.

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