BlackBerry Announces a New QWERTY Smartphone at 2014 Mobile World Congress


Blackberry Q20The 2014 Mobile World Congress that is being held in Barcelona witnessed several new gadgets with new features being launched. BlackBerry was one of the companies to announce the impending arrival of two of its smartphones at this event. One of the two devices this mobile phone manufacturer plans to introduce is equipped with QWERTY feature. This device is identified as BlackBerry Q20.

Features and Specifications of BlackBerry Q20

Q20 would have the QWERTY related buttons that BlackBerry users are already familiar with. These include send, menu, end, and back buttons that were already present in BlackBerry Q10. Similarly, a trackpad would form an integral part of the Q20 device. This trackpad is essentially for navigational purposes. A 3.5 inch screen would be placed above the QWERTY keyboard on the face of this device. Though a QWERTY device, its screen would be touchscreen. BlackBerry Q20 would be running on BlackBerry 10.

Features and Specifications of BlackBerry Z3

Unlike Q20, BlackBerry Z3 would have a touchscreen of 5 inches. This device is targeted at the market for BlackBerry products in Indonesia. The device would be running on BlackBerry 10.2.1. BlackBerry related popular apps such as BlackBerry Hub and BBM would be loaded on this device. In addition, the device would have regional apps as well as regional content.

It is a smart move from the management of BlackBerry, which was nearly wiped out by Nokia Lumia last year. However, the launch date of the two products is expected to be about six months down the lane, which gives other handset manufacturers ample time to bring in their products and capture BlackBerry’s market share. If that happens, it may be a death blow for this once undisputed king of mobile phone manufacturer.

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