BlackBerry offers trade-in worth up to $100


The buzz is that RIM is slowly losing grounds on the smartphone market to two of its bitter rivals: the Android and iOS. It has come up with a lot of marketing strategies and products but somehow it still did not manage to recover from its dwindling sales. One example is the BlackBerry PlayBook which is its first tablet on which some think it flopped due to several lacking features such as no 3G.

Its new marketing strategy is by allowing trade-in with old BlackBerry devices. They claimed that it is possible to get refund up to $160 although the amount is possible with the trade-in of the newest version of BlackBerry. A simple click through the website revealed that the $160 amount is possible with the trade-in of a BlackBerry Torch.

The process is fairly simple. All there is to do is to fill up a few forms about the phone that is being traded in and the phone that the user wishes to trade to. Then the user needs to save the quote given and give the refund details. Finally, the user can print the shipping label and send in the old phone. However, this offer is valid only to those living in the US only.

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