BlackBerry Z10 Prices Slashed Down to $49 and $99


BlackBerry lost $84 million recently, and this has led to the slashed prices of the BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry Z10 is available for $99 in AT&T and Verizon. The same is now available for $49 at Amazon. The original price of these gadgets was $199.

Reason Behind the Price Cut

The price down is meant to trigger the sales rate and the spokesperson of Blackberry had enunciated that this is the apt time to make modifications in the cost of the gadget. It was also added that the price adjustment is quite common in the gadget’s life cycle management, and this is important to make room for devices that are to be added up to the list in the due course of time.

Second Generation Smartphone

A second generation smartphone that shares the same Z10 DNA is to be released by BlackBerry. This means that BlackBerry is clearing the shelves of the existing models. It is also essential to note the factor that BlackBerry had let the US sales head to go last month, and the latest smartphones that are launched in US did not bring profits as expected. BlackBerry is struggling a battle to gain market among the rivals like Apple iOS devices, Google Android devices, and the Windows phones.

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