Blockbuster White Nexus 4 Unveiled by LG


White Nexus 4 scheduled to arrive at selective markets worldwide; however, there are no revelations of the plan for Nexus 5. LG has officially raised the curtains from the white Nexus 4 on Tuesday. A senior executive at LG has specified that for the time being there is no idea regarding the sequel device.

Confirmed News

So for the time being we are sure that there is no development to the Nexus 5 but the possibility cannot still be ruled out. The spokesperson for LG has thus intended to mean that LG can create another masterpiece and did not need the name of Nexus to make a product successful.

Selective markets getting it soon

The white Nexus 4 will be available at selected markets like North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East. The LG Nexus 4 is a flagship model that is running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS that has been able to offer tough competition to the likes of Apple and Samsung Galaxy.

From its very launch, the Nexus 4 has been a preference for the people and the demand was such that LG could not offer its desired number of gadgets. The white Nexus 4 will compensate some of the demand with its 4.7inch display, and Zerogap technology.

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