Boot to Gecko Mobile OS by Mozilla


We have the iOS by Apple, Android by Google, Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft and a few others. It seems that there will be a new competition in town and this will be Boot to Gecko and this is made by no other company than Mozilla. Mozilla has been working on applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and a few others and Boot to Gecko is another one that they think will be a success.

Boot to Gecko uses an open Web standard and will be made mostly through HTML5 which is still a very powerful language to master. In fact, when it comes to things that haven’t been standardized such as SMS, camera, Bluetooth, USB and NFC, they are trying to make a standard for it by working with standard bodies and other vendors as well.

Boot to Gecko will most probably be competing with Android as it will be another open-source mobile platform. Will it be successful? Only time will tell because unless it gets into an agreement with major mobile phone manufacturers, chances of them being able to compete is slim. Nevertheless, it is somewhat refreshing to see a new competition in town especially when it is from a company that most people have heard about.

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