Can Nokia compete with Android and iPhone?


Nokia, as we all know, has taken a sudden dip in the past few months, thanks to the sudden inflow of Android smartphones and the Apple iPhone variants. But now, Nokia seems to have steadied itself and seems to be on the way to recovery, ever since introducing its range of soon-to-arrive Windows Phone 7 handsets. Nokia seems confident that these new phones will help stabilize its flagging sales. But will this really happen at all? Can Nokia compete with Android smartphones and the iPhone?

Nokia is trying the following three-pronged strategy to woo back customers:

  • Using the WP7 Platform

Both Nokia and also some industry experts seem to be quite assured that Nokia has a foolproof strategy for success this time and that it will come out with some “winning smartphones” by this year, powered by the latest Windows OS.

Nokia thinks that using the WP7 platform will help it compete more effectively with Apple’s iPhone. Nokia makes great-looking phones with even better hardware. Combining this with the Windows Phone 7 platform could lend the Finnish handset manufacturer a hand to recover its grip on the market.

Nokia is planning to release several different types of WP7 handsets in the market, each one appealing to a different segment of the audience. It is also trying to educate the masses on the advantages of the WP7 mobile platform.

Of course, this is Nokia’s plan right now, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually work as intended.

  • Releasing Low-End Symbian Phones

We all know just how expensive Android smartphones are. So how would you like to own a smartphone that is also very reasonably priced and is totally affordable? Well, Nokia had released some low-end Symbian smartphones earlier this year and they made brisk enough sales. Hence, Nokia is planning to release more such handsets in the hope of countering the stiff competition from Android.

The problem with this move, though, is that these are low-end smartphones, and hence, will never offer all the powerful functionalities bestowed by the current favorite, the Android OS.

  • Aggressively Promoting its Phones

Nokia has now adopted an aggressive promotional attitude, in order to increase its handset sales. The Finnish giant is currently collaborating with many mobile carriers, especially in the US and Canada, in a bid to tie up with them, thereby increasing sales. It is also targeting the business community, by offering them Office and email client support. Lastly and most importantly, the company is trying to convince retail stores to display its products more prominently and also allow potential customers to actually work with the handsets, before purchasing them.

Does Nokia stand a chance against Android and the iPhone? Would it be able to recover its past glory? What do you think? Feel free to express your opinion!

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