Carriers Sprint and AT&T to carry HTC One from April 19


From April 19 HTC One, will be coming to Sprint and AT&T. Indeed it is a stunning strategy because AT&T is ruling in 157 markets and Sprint in 67.

At Sprint and AT&T

If you enter a two year contract with Sprint, the smartphone will cost you $199. Friday onwards you may place your order and options in color for the 32GB device will be black and silver. If you enter a two year contract with AT&T, you will get the same device at the same price, whereas, the 64GB gadget will cost you $299.99. With AT&T,  you can order the device today.

The specs of HTC One

We already know most of the features of the HTC One, and we have held it in hand with the hot chocolate- 4.7 inch display, HTC Sense, Quadcore1.6GHz snapdragon processor and so called Ultra Pixel camera! Apart from this HTC will be able to stream music or video wireless into computers and televisions. It has all that is expected from an Android- Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and remote control over selected devices.

With this device, HTC is surely throwing a tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple devices.

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