Cash Back Festival Bonanza from Microsoft on Lumia 830 and 930


LumiaGadgets lovers from India are in for pleasant news from Microsoft.  The company intends to offer two devices, i.e., Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 with cash back offers. Both the devices are high-end devices. Lumia 830 will be sold for Rs.21,800 after this offer. The higher model of the two, i.e., Lumia 930 would be sold for Rs.31,600 after this offer. The cash back offers, however, expires once the stocks of the respective devices are exhausted.

Features and Specifications of Lumia 830

The screen of this 5 inch HD device has a resolution of 720pixels. The device is expensive because of 3 layers of Gorilla Glass apart from the Carl Zeiss 10 MP camera on its back which is accompanied by a LED flash. The front camera in the device is of 0.9MP. The internal storage in Lumia 830 is of 16 GB, whereas its RAM is of 1GB. The quad core processor of this high-end smartphone is the Snapdragon 400 which has the speed of 1.2 Ghz.

Features and Specifications of Lumia 930

The major difference is the processor. This device also has a quad-core processor, which is the Snapdragon 800. The other advanced features include 20MP camera (Carl Zeiss) in the rear. The camera in the front is of 1.2 mega pixels. Lumia 930 also has 1 GB RAM more than that in Lumia 830.

Price is a major deterrent to sales of high-end smartphones. Most of the features are soon found in lower end devices, effectively drying up the market for these devices. This forces the device manufacturers to increase the prices some more to recover the costs of developing these features and earn some profits. Microsoft’s strategy of bringing down the costs of Lumia 830 from Rs.28,799 to Rs.21,800 and Lumia 930 from Rs.38,649 to Rs.31,600 might just pay off considering the durability of these devices. Both these devices would have the Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 as their operating system.

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