Latest CECT Mobile Phones: G1, G4, N99i


CECT or CEC Telecom Co. Ltd, a company engaged in manufacturing mobile phones based on the iPhone technology, has now come out with some more interesting mobile phone and smartphone models. The CECT A380i, introduced way back in 2008, was an almost exact clone of the iPhone, except for the fact that it was a dual SIM phone. This phone created waves in the mobile market, thanks to its fabulous 3” touchscreen display, digital and video camera, Bluetooth, media player and even additional removable battery. Now, the CECT is ready to wow its audiences yet again, with some more mobile phones. Here is a review of the new entrants:

The CECT G1 – very much like T-Mobile’s Android Smartphone

The T-Mobile G1 has been literally ruling the market since its grand entry. The Android smartphone adds all of Google’s applications in one platform, thereby making it very convenient for the user to access just about any function he/she wants to. But the flip side, of course, is the cost of the handheld, along with the need to sign a service contract.

Here is where the CECT G1 scores above T-Mo. This quad band knockoff looks exactly like the original G1 (you would be absolutely taken aback by the likeness), it even has a T-Mobile logo on it and comes in an identical package! There is no difference in the welcome and menu screens either. The difference emerges in the keypad – it does not slide out like the original. Also, GPS and WiFi are absent. Otherwise, the CECT G1 comes with a 3” touchscreen display, 3.0MP camera, media player, WAP Browser, Bluetooth and more. What is more, it comes far cheaper than T-Mo’s G1 ever will, so that works well for most of us.

Check out the video review of the G1 below.

The CECT G4 smartphone

This smartphone from CECT, the G4, is more advanced than the G1. It comes with Windows Mobile 6.1, 2.8” touchscreen display, 2.0MP camera, WAP Browser, GPS, WiFi, IE, MS Office, Windows Media Player, Bluetooth, Java 2.0, built-in memory of 1GB plus expandable memory of up to 8GB.

The CECT N99i Dual SIM TV mobile phone

The CECT N99i is one fantastic Triband mobile phone which comes with the dual SIM facility, 3” QVGA touchscreen display, Analog TV, FM Radio, Handwriting recognition, Dual camera, up to 16GB of expandable memory, WAP 2.0, GPRS, support for various audio and video formats, 500 phonebook, incoming call firewall and more. This cutie very closely resembles the Nokia N99i and comes unlocked, which means, you can purchase it over the counter, without having to first sign a product service agreement.

Scroll below for a detailed video review of the CECT N99i dual SIM mobile phone.

Of course, brand-crazy folks out there will still opt only for original mobile phones and smartphones, but for those of you who are looking for a little bling without it burning a big hole in your pocket, cell phones like the above would be a blessing, wouldn’t it? Well, guys, check out the latest models from CECT. Happy shopping!

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  2. Get an FM modulator and run the headphone output to it and use an FM frequency to hear it through the system. You won’t be able to listen to anything else while doing this though. Many of these just plug into the lighter.

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