Acer Launches Liquid Express, its First NFC-Supporting Smartphone


Acer has recently introduced its very first NFC-compatible smartphone, the Liquid Express, exclusively for the UK market. Of course, this is part of the Liquid line of Android smartphones. What makes this Liquid phone so special is that it is Acer’s very first smartphone to support near Field Communications technology, popularly called NFC.

This handheld is powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Acer’s custom UI. Other features of the Liquid Express include an 800MHz Qualcomm processor, 3.5” display screen and 5MP camera with LED flash.

This is Acer’s first try at NFC technology and the company has promised that all its future smartphones too will be equipped with this feature. The NFC chip is generally useful for reading tags and targets, as also for mobile payment. Acer has categorically stated that the NFC module included in the Liquid Express line strictly adheres to mobile security standards.

Currently, Acer is introducing the Liquid Express line via Orange and T-Mobile UK. The handset is available at no cost along with a 2-year service agreement and certain fixed rate plans.

More about NFC Technology

Near Field Communication or NFC technology enables the user to undertake simplified transactions, establishing wireless connections between two mobile devices, placed close enough to each other; and exchanging data between them. This system, which evolved a few years ago, is expected to become most popular for making smartphone payments and so on.

While the emerging technology enables users to transfer information from smartphone to another merely by touching them, this is expected to become a veritable way of life in the near future of telecom technology, as it helps both simplify and speed up wireless connectivity between two devices.

As of now, Nokia is one of the leading manufacturers using this kind of technology. With Acer’s new Liquid Express line, this will hopefully catch up faster, also reaching a wider mobile audience.

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