Apple Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, Passes Away


Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, passed away on Oct 5, 2011, at age 56. The former Apple CEO was fighting a long-drawn war against pancreatic cancer, due to which he was forced to step down from his post as CEO. He designated Tim Cook as the current CEO of Apple.

Steve Jobs’ Demise – Impact on Asian Tech Firms

Steve Jobs single-handedly changed the face of mobile as we know it today. Constantly introducing new computing gadgets and also leading from the front as far as product marketing and interacting with the media was concerned, Jobs soon emerged as a sort of cult figure, a veritable force to reckon with.

His most popular introductions were the iPhone and the later iPad, which took the mobile world by storm. Of course, Jobs had a whole team working tirelessly behind the wings. But he was the figurehead who presented these to the world and thereby, took Apple to great heights in the mobile industry.

Jobs introduced Apple to Asia in a big way, creating both app developers and customers for Apple’s mobile products. Not only that, he also made Apple a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for other major companies such as Samsung. This further elevated Apple’s share in the mobile industry.

The Latest iPhone 4S

Apple’s latest introduction is the iPhone 4S, which has just been unveiled. It had been introduced with great fanfare and was expected to create more waves in the market. Sadly, though, it has failed to impress consumers so far.

Will Apple be Affected by Jobs’ Passing?

Right now, Apple’s market shares have not been affected by Jobs’ demise. But analysts believe that other leading companies could see this hit as an advantage for them to forge ahead and make their mark in the market.

It is expected that Apple users will not feel the impact of Jobs’ passing in the near future, as there is already a year’s line-up of new Apple products, just awaiting release.

We are all clear about one thing, though – an innovator of the calibre of Steve Jobs appears only once in a lifetime. It may well be many decades before someone like Jobs can resurface in the mobile industry. Till then, we only have to wait and watch and hope we are lucky enough to experience the presence of another persona such as him.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. Your contribution to mobile will forever be remembered and cherished.

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