AT&T will now provide insurance for Apple iPhone


AT&T Insurance for Apple iPhone

Everyone handles his/her phone carefully and gently, yet there are chances of drops. A lot of people are known for not handling things properly, they usually drops anything they carry, they handle everything casually. If you’re an iPhone owner and if you frequently drop your iPhone, then here’s a good news for you.

Their is a good news for all the people who own an iPhone and who usually drop it unintentionally. AT&T will now be offering insurance to iPhone owners, this service will be known as Mobile Protect and this service will be available from 6th June.

The insurance will run on Asurion and the cost will be $13.99/month. One can get his/her iPhone insured from the nearest Apple’s App Store.

Earlier, the iPhone users used to bear the full cost of the iPhone, i.e. upto $699 for the 32 GB Apple iPhone 3GS, but most of the risk will now be covered by the third party insurance company (Asurion).

So, if you are an iPhone owner and if you do not carry your phone properly,  go and get it insured.

[via BGR]

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