Blackberry Cooperates With Indian Security Authorities


RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry which was about to be banned in India for some security reasons has now cooperated with the Indian Security Authorities.

Keeping the Indian security in mind, the BlackBerry officials came up with some proposals for Indian security agencies. The local security agencies will now be monitoring the BlackBerry services. Indian Government now have the authorities to tap into the BlackBerry user’s email which may not sound that good, but atleast BlackBerry won’t get banned.

Indian Government is going to examine everything for 2 months and it will review that everything is right as per the national security.

The Government just wants to make sure that the country is safe and the private BlackBerry communication system is not encouraging the terrorist activities.

So, as per now it is believed that BlackBerry will not be banned in India, however people might worry about the government interruption in their private emails.

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