Google pulls out Galaxy Nexus from Play Store due to injunctions


Court orders are never profitable for any companies and in the case of Google, it is costing them a lot with the new product that they want to push forward with. The Galaxy Nexus has just been announced at the Google I/O Conference and was about to be put on sale through the Play Store section of the Google website. However, due to legal matter, the sales of the Galaxy Nexus have to be put to a halt temporarily.

This is because through a court order by Judge Lucy Koh, Apple had successfully managed to get a temporary ban on the Galaxy Nexus. The main reason for the ban is due to a patent copyright lawsuit which involves a simple matter which is the “Quick Search Box”. It is a feature which allows the user to quickly search the phone memory for information. Getting the injunction isn’t cheap either because it is reported that Apple had paid around $96 million in terms of bond to get it starting.

Google is considering to give their Galaxy Nexus a software update which would fix the patent issue. As of date, the following has yet to happen although it is expected to be done as soon as possible.

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