HTC Wildfire Android (2.1) Phone | Review, Features, Specifications


HTC Wildfire Android PhoneHTC recently introduced a new Android powered SmartPhone (HTC Wildfire). It is believed that this phone is going to be released in Asian and European countries in the summer time whereas there is no new about the release of HTC Wildfire in North America.

HTC has got lot of expectations with this phone and it is said that this phone is going to get some good sales. Though the phone has got tons of amazing features, I still like the camera which is of 5 Megapixels and comes with amazing features like autofocus and built-in LED Flash. It is believed that this phone is going to replace the HTC Tattoo (another android based phone from htc), or in other words, one can say that it is the advanced version of HTC Tattoo with some better features.

The key features of HTC Wildfire are listed below:

Well, the phone has got almost every new feature which is in demand these days, I would personally like to appreciate the GPS and HTC Sense.

# 5 Megapixel Camera

# Android 2.1

# Wi-Fi, 3G

# microSDHC slot

If you like android based phones, then HTC Wildfire will be a good choice. The price of this phone is going to be quite reasonable, one can’t get anything better than this for a low cost. I am totally impressed by all the power packed features listed in this article, What about you? Do you think that it will be the next big thing in the market?

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