LG and Prada Announce their Third Phone


LG and Prada have officially announced that they have entered into a joint agreement to partner with each other to manufacture the Prada Phone by LG 3.0. This device, which is their third phone together, is expected to hit the markets in early 2012. For the first time, this will be a smartphone.

The companies have not provided much more details otherwise. However, there is a teaser image, which you can see below. We are hoping that this beauty will be featured at the CES 2012 to be held in January next year.

This third-time offering from LG and Prada will, in every sense, be a joint effort. The two companies plan to work at every feature of this phone together, right from the hardware and software, down to the packaging.

Sometime ago, there was a rumor that the third LG Prada phone would come with a dual-core processor, the Android Gingerbread OS and a 4.3” NOVA display. However, none of this has been confirmed by either of the companies involved. Even the teaser image that you just saw above is not all that much, but it is definitely to give you a good idea of the phone, right?

History of LG Prada Phones

LG and the well-known fashion house, Prada, have already worked together at two phones in the past, as early as 2007 and 2008.

  • Their very first phone, which was referred to as the LG Prada or the LG KE850, was also among the first devices to include a fully touch interface and capacitive display. This had arrived in the market even before the first Apple iPhone and had become the instant rage among the masses, at that point in time. The LG Prada registered a sales of 1 million units in the first 18 months of its release. So popular was it that it was actually exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai.
  • Later, LG and Prada got back together for their second handset, the LG Prada II or the LG KF900. This was released in December 2008.
  • It is believed that their third phone from LG 3.0, and this time, a smartphone, will be unique and very exclusive.
  • Well, we can only wait and watch for more information. We will update you on more information as and when it arrives here.

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