LG True HD rivals Samsung Super AMOLED scree


Almost everyone that are well versed in the mobile phone would know of Samsung’s Super AMOLED display which is present in a handful of its Galaxy devices. The vibrant display of colors make the Super AMOLED screen to be one of the finest in the market but nonetheless, there are rivals to the screen that is made by Samsung. No, we aren’t talking about the Retina display but rather LG’s True HD.

There are already a few LG smartphones that are utilizing this particular technology. One that is worth noting is the LG Optimus LTE on which was already released in South Korea. However, in its Hong Kong release, LG decided to change the name to the LG Optimus True HD LTE. It is the same device but with a different name so that it would dig on the Samsung HD Super AMOLED technology.

For some, this may not mean a lot but there are significant differences between the AMOLED and AH-IPS. For starters, Super AMOLED consumers more power and overexpresses color as compared with the AH-IPS panel. LG also stated that its AH-IPS panel has better sharpness and clarity as compared with the Samsung’s Super AMOLED panel. Nonetheless, if compared between the two, both looks extremely good to have but in the end, it all boils down to preference.

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