Nokia C6 Announced at Nokia World – Official Pictures


Today, at Nokia World, Nokia announced it’s yet another amazing phoneNokia C6‘. People who were present at the Nokia event must have had a great time.

Nokia C6-01 is a compact phone and is easy to carry. The official pictures of Nokia C6 are out now and you can check two of them below -

Nokia C6Nokia C6 Horizontal

You can see the other official pictures of Nokia C6-01 on the Nokia’s Official Blog. We will be writing more about the Nokia Phones shortly, so keep reading New Gadget.

[via nokia conversations]

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7 Responses

  1. Tech Blog says:

    looks really nice phone , waiting to release in my country

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  2. Rakesh says:

    It seems a nice phone but don’t u feel nokia is trying hard to come back to smartphone arena which seems impossible at the moment.

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  3. Amit says:

    What are those tree dots at bottom middle on screen (i.e. between options and call).
    Earlier they were not there?

    Anyone has any ideas about this…?


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  4. Amit says:

    Looking forward for this one,
    Anyways is it confirm news that cell is going to get launch in September…?

    I wonder if Nokia again play any new trick about lunching this…
    ha ha ha

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