RIM revealed the beautiful BlackBerry 10


RIM unveiled today BlackBerry 10, the company taking advantage of the BlackBerry World event to introduce the new platform for mobile phones.

In this version, RIM focuses on working with quick gestures, applied to the touch interface, allowing users to run quickly between applications, documents and notices. At the live demonstration held during the event, the system seems to work very good, allowing quick and efficient work with the mobile phone.

RIM missed the opportunity to remind the public about the good reputation they products have when it comes to fast typing of documents and text messages. In general, BlackBerry Bold phones series are considered a standard of performance for terminals equipped with physical keyboard. Thus, company officials insisted for the optimization of algorithms to increase accuracy responsible for the virtual keyboard, the system is able to learn the pattern used by the user, automatically correcting the most common mistakes.

Symbols are accessed using touch gestures applied to the interface, but the highlight is a new technology that allows fast selection of the words offered as suggestions using swipe gestures. In the ideal case, the system can be used to quickly compose whole sentences, without having to type in words letter by letter.

The camera application has received improvements. To obtain a picture is enough to reach anywhere on the screen, then we call the function timeline a tool to move forward or backward in a list of snapshots obtained before or immediately after the triggered shutter. Thus, we can rectify the pictures were the photographed subjects have blinked, or when we didn’t exactly surprised the moment that we wanted.

If all goes as planned, the first products based on the BlackBerry 10 will arrive on store shelves later this year.

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