Rumors Springing About Release of More Reliable iPhone 6


iPhone 6Recent rumor in gadgets world is that the production of sensors Apple intends to use for its TouchID will only begin somewhere between April and June of 2014. This lays to rest much of speculation regarding the release date of iPhone 6, in which such Touch ID sensors are to be installed.

Rumor is More Reliable

People from industry believe that Apple has entered into the deal with TSMC, a Taiwan based company for manufacturing and fabricating these fingerprint sensors. TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company can only commence this work in its 12 inches fabrication unit by the second quarter of the year since such production would require 65nm technology, as well. Another factor that indicates the probable launch date of iPhone 6 is that this time TSMC intends to complete WL-CSP or chip scale packaging at the wafer level within its unit. Formerly, it used to off load this job.

Implications of TSMC Contract

Since sensors would not be available before the end of May, it is highly unlikely that iPhone 6 would hit the market before May end. However, the positive to be taken from this is that this new smartphone would be of superior quality. It may be recalled that iPhone 5s was fabricated on 8 inch fabs.

Apple is quite late with its research and development considering the competition. Delay only means new products will arrive with better features and some of the market share that actually belonged to Apple would slowly drift towards those gadgets.

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