Samsung Galaxy Nexus – The Smartphone with Google Android 4.0


Samsung Nexus Galaxy is the debut smartphone for Android 4.0, designed to provide a demonstration of force with Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Google operating system, also serve as a benchmark for future models of phones built around this OS. If you like these kind of gadgets you can find out more cell phone reviews now.


Viewed from a distance Galaxy Nexus looks like a smart giant dominated by 4.65 inch diagonal screen and mainly suitable for users from a niche segment, concerned about web browsing, multimedia or other activities where the large screen shows its potential. But this first impression is removed rapidly from the very first contact with this phone.

Despite the large screen, Galaxy Nexus quickly proves that it can be as comfortable and practical as a regular smartphone with 3.5 or 4.0 inch screen. This performance is achieved using a curved screen and a housing interior by following its contour. The case is slightly in asymmetrical shape so that the thickest portion to the bottom of the phone, where there are positioned the miniUSB connector and the headphone. The center of gravity is still inclined downwards, so that is moderately curved to sit perfectly in your hands.

Galaxy Nexus presents finish and plastic made solely from the front dominated by the 4.65-inch diagonal screen, slightly curved inwards. The back cover of the phone is placed in the outline of the case and not applied over it, as other phones. In addition to extra protection from accidental bumps, allowing choice and reduce weight by using a thin cover more than normal, whose rigidity is ensured by direct contact with the back of the phone and its Li-Ion battery.

Its Super AMOLED capacitive screen supports 720 x 1280 pixels resolution, but using a matrix PenTile type display less efficient than the traditional RGB. In practice, the difference in quality is seamlessly and although the screen does not seem quite as good as the rival iPhone 4S, quality and clarity of images is more than satisfactory. The brightness and ambient light sensor is not very high, sometimes even seems insufficient. This behavior can be easily remedied by adjusting the brightness parameters manually, but sometimes this is a significant price reduction of the battery life.

Helped by the new Android 4.0 system, Samsung has opted for a minimalist design with only two buttons positioned on the sides of the case. Usual buttons below the screen disappeared and in their place we have virtual versions, displayed on the screen as needed. The only prominent feature of the case remains on the back of the phone camera, slightly raised above the plastic.

The loudspeaker is barely visible and can be found at the bottom of the case.

Technical details

Galaxy Samsung Nexus uses a dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz (Cortex A9). The amount of installed RAM is 1 GB and storage space is 16 GB or 32 GB, depending on the version.

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