Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – The Youngest Galaxy


If Samsung Galaxy S4 is the star of this year, Galaxy S4 Mini appeared to increase the number of users of the Samsung Galaxy series.


  •  Good performance
  •  All options from S4
  •  Decent camera
  •  Decent battery


  • Seems more “cheap”
  • No LED Notification
  • No hot-swap microSD Port

Review Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Mini finds its place among the models like Lumia 820 and Sony Xperia SP, other devices with close diagonal and performance. On the other hand, the main competitor, Apple has not released a more “economical” version for iPhone, as rumors suggested so far, and even working on iPhone 5S as we have seen. It would be natural to compare directly with the iPhone 5 Mini version, if we take the specifications.


Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 Compared With Samsung Galaxy S4

Have you read reviews of the Galaxy S4? Well Galaxy S4 Mini does not differ much in terms of design, they are almost identical, the major difference being slightly larger thickness and of course specifications. Of course, the smaller one is also a bit thicker than the Galaxy S4 feels a little better in the hand. Slightly more rounded edges than the competition and make it the most comfortable to hold, and this statement comes from an iPhone user. Galaxy S4 Mini can even be used with one hand, unlike his older brother. It comes in the same shades of color, black and white, has the same texture of the back cover and is constructed of the same materials to keep its weight low.

The interior’s layout slot for the SIM and microSD card are slightly different, the latter being accessible only by detaching the battery. The battery is slightly smaller, 1900 mAh, but given the much lower resolution and performance halved, autonomy may be even higher.

On the outside, has an 8 megapixel camera supported by an LED flash and a 1.9 megapixel camera for conversations. Sensors are not as visible on the black model, but I have not noticed any notification LED as on the Galaxy S4. Interesting choice, but do not agree with it. USB connector and buttons are almost the same size and the same position already standardized on Galaxy terminals. Taking into account that there are quite many tips and tricks for S4.


This chapter is relatively little in the sense that having a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz and 1.5 GB memory amount, we can deduce from the start that we will not have any problems with applications installed thereon. The 512 MB ​​memory makes the difference. Even compared to Galaxy S3, leaving aside the slightly higher resolution screen of the latter, Galaxy S4 Mini is moving even better.

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