Samsung Launches Music Hub, 100GB Storage, Unlimited Streaming


The word that Samsung wanted to go into the music industry wasn’t a new one. We’re not talking about them creating a label or doing records but instead, they are trying to make a music streaming service possible under their infrastructure. As a result, Samsung had released the Music Hub and this will be launched simultaneously in the United Kingdom, France and Germany along with the company’s new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

Music Hub is said to offer both streaming and online storage space for music. As far as streaming is concerned, inside their hub lies a catalog of roughly 19 million songs with all of the genres that you may or may not have heard of. As for the storage space on the other hand, Samsung will be modest enough to supply the users with a 100GB space. All of this is made available at a price tag of £9.99 or equivalent $15.

This is certainly an interesting prospect especially to those that have access to unlimited internet. The concept of streaming music online has never been a new one but there is much to be improved. Music Hub is said to also be used in a lot of the company’s future phones although the subscription fee might just put off a few people.

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