The new Meizu MX 4-Core is out of China


Several years ago, sometime after the release of the first iPhone, a Chinese company announced a direct competitor to the Apple terminal. The manufacturer has had experience in portable players and thought that they could easily attack a growing market. After some fights with Apple because of the terminal layout, the Meizu phone was sold in China but cannot be said to have had any international success. Meizu MX 4-Core is the new top end product of the company and wants to conquer not only the local market but also the international one.

Meizu MX 4-Core’s formula does not seem bad at all. There is a chip similar to the one on Galaxy S III, a screen of 4″ with the resolution of iPhone 4S and a camera of 8 MP sensor that shoots 1080p. The most important specifications can be found below.

Screen: 4″, 640×960, ASV LCD

Chipset: Exynos

CPU: 1,4 GHz, quad core, Cortex-A9

GPU: Mali 400MP


Internal Memory: 32 GB or 64 GB

From the first tests carried out by a site that received Meizu MX 4-Core for review, it appears that the terminal ranks immediately after Galaxy S III. Its ASV screen is a version of a VA panel, built by Sharp, with excellent viewing angles and better picture quality. In addition, the phone dimensions are within the usual ergonomics. In addition to its uncertain availability, one of the important problems of the terminal appears to be its price. If at home Meizu MX 4-core sells for about $470, on international markets could be available at a price of $650, very high even for a top range phone.

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