The next iPhone could have a super-camera with post-focus


iPhone 4S has scrolled with Siri and with a powerful hardware and the figures confirm the success of Apple’s strategy: 37 million copies sold only in the last year. But what will the future iPhone do? How can it convince the public? From the newest information, it seems that Apple makes a big day on the implementation of the camera, the “Advanced Light Field” technology will let you to choose the focus points quite later, when the picture is already made, this is what post-focus means.

This innovation belongs to Ren-Ng, a Stanford engineer who founded the Lytro Company. The company is dedicated to research on optical and related software. Innovation consists of a set of some amazing lens, linked to a system that receives light all directions and in the same time retains the detail related to the sources.

Lets say that for example, we made a picture with a few subjects placed one behind the other. With this amazing system, we can choose the person to focus on it and isolate the rest of the background. Basically, no matter where I focused when I triggered the shutter, because we can then choose the focus area at will.

The late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was attracted to this innovation and contacted the author of the invention. It remains to be seen whether the current leadership will understand Lytro and implement such technology in future iPhone.

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