Top 5 Mobile Phones Released In the Year 2010 (LIST)


The year 2010 has been a very good year for the tech-lovers. Many new gadgets have been released so far. Apple brought in the iPhone 4 and Nokia also added up many new models to its list.

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People have got different requirements and budgets, based on the basic requirements and different budgets, here is a list of ‘Top 5 Mobile Phones’ which have been introduced in the 2010 –

#5 Samsung Champ –

Samsung Champ Mobile

If you’re looking for a low cost touch screen mobile phone, you won’t get anything better than the Samsung Champ. Samsung Champ is a very nice touch screen phone which has got some great features including the 8 GB expandable memory.

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#4 Nokia C2 –

Nokia C2 Picture

Being #4 on the list might make you think that it is not a feature-rich phone but if you really judge it by the number, then you’re totally wrong. I guess you should think it this way, out of the hundreds or thousands of phones which have been introduced in the year 2010 so far, this phone was at least able to make it to the list of top 5.

This phone is meant for someone who is looking for a feature-rich phone is a low budget and this is a perfect phone for people who are looking for a low cost ‘value for money’ phone.

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#3 Spice Mi-300 –

Spice Mi-300 Picture

Spice Mi-300 is an android phone which is available at a very reasonable price. This phone offers 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Another thing which made it reach this list is that unlike some outdated android phones it runs on Android 2.1 Operating System, so it will be supporting most of the applications which are available in the android market.

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#2 Nokia N8 –

Nokia N8 Image

Being ranked #2 on this list means it has seriously got something which can actually attract you towards it. There are several reasons which really make this an amazing phone, but I have already written an article about the top feature of Nokia N8 – ‘8 reasons why you should choose Nokia N8 as your next mobile phone’.

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#1 Apple iPhone 4

Black and White iPhone 4

I really think that mentioning the #1 spot was not actually needed, I am sure most of you would have already judged the #1 phone exactly after reading the title of the post. I guess, for now no other mobile phone can be as good as the Apple iPhone 4 is. Everyone is familiar with the name and most of you must be familiar with the features as well. If you have a budget of buying an iPhone and if you think that you’re tired of using other Operating Systems, Apple iPhone 4 will change your world and it will introduce you to the most amazing OS, the iOS.

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Which are the top 5 mobile phones of 2010 in your opinion? Use the comment box to share your thoughts with us.

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    all are awesome

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  2. Hodgins says:

    The iPhone has a more dominant position in the teens’ community due to its gorgeous appearance and capacity of handling mulit-tasks. But in the business community, especially among the people who are in the top of the pyrmid, it has to relinquish the driver’s seat, since the people are not that interested in the looks and the phone itself fails to provide the exceptional typing experience which available on its rivals such as Nokia and Blackberrry as a result of the absence of keyboard. Security and stability are another factors negatively affecting iPhone’s sales records. And the phone itself is quite tricky to master if you never used an Apples product, so beginner probably would have a hard time of adjusting and have to look for some gudiance in terms of using and maintaining the phone at some websites.

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  3. I personally like Nokia N8 .i wish i can get one 😉 my friend has one and its just amazing

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  4. Mobile News says:

    Thanks for sharing Information about mobiles.
    I like It.

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