Will Blackberry Be Banned in India After Few Hours?


BlackBerry Bold 9700

Blackberry have always been my second priority after Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone is in the hearts of almost every Indian, but yet they always choose Nokia because of low price, reliability and good customer support.

Blackberry which is very much popular in India is having some sort of issues with the Indian Government. Indian government just don’t like the encryption thing and the government wants Blackberry to remove the encryption just like any other handset company in India.

Blackberry refused the proposal of Indian government about the encryption, while there are still a few more hours pending about the final decision.

Well, as you can read on the NDTV site, there are no ways which could lead to a compromise, and there is barely any time left for the decision, so probably it’s time to say bye bye to Blackberry in India.

You can also check this video for more information -

If Blackberry gets banned in India, I will miss the Blackberry phones, will you miss them too?

[via ndtv]

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  1. hm :-( that a bad reason that the blackberry to be banned :-( the users really be up set with this :-(

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  2. WilliamRamsai says:

    We are really frustrated. They started OK, and the shopping center is closed.

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