Windows Phone 8 to be Microsoft’s next mobile OS


When it comes to Microsoft, there were a lot of 8’s involved lately. There was first the Windows 8 operating system, followed by the tablets. After that, Microsoft decided to go 8 on its Windows Phone mobile operating system and thus the recent announcement revolves around the new Windows Phone 8.

First of all, users will be glad to know that Windows Phone 8 will support multiple core processors. In fact, it supports up to 64 cores which makes it pretty much future proof. In addition to that, WXGA display is also supported and users can definitely make use of a microSD extension slot as well. With this being said and done, you can expect more resource intensive applications to be made available on Windows Phone 8. In addition to that, Windows Phone 8 shares the same kernel with Windows 8 meaning it would be much easier to port games and apps from one operating system to another.

However, sad news for those that have been using Windows Phone 7 – Windows Phone 8 will not be an upgrade to the said mobile OS. However, it is expected that WP7 will get some visual upgrade so that it would have some of the features of WP8.

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