BlackBerry Bold 9900 reinvents the business concept


Stronger, faster, better looking and with a new operating system, Blackberry Bold 9900 enters the Smartphone business market, eagerly awaited by many users of this brand. When it was released most business users have had a few bad hours, BlackBerry being available for a short period of time. At that time a lot of users were restless and decided it would be appropriate to give up the products of this company. Of course the issue was resolved fairly quickly.

I’m not a fan boy or even an avid user of this platform but the new model has captivated me. Comes with a 1.2 GHz processor, new OS BlackBerry OS 7.0, a sized screen with a high concentration of pixels, touchscreen of course, the legendary QWERTY keyboard, support for NFC (Near Field Communications), HD video, a lot of exciting new elements were introduced in the new model to attract both new customers and old ones. It is one of the peaks of the range for the manufacturer and they made an excellent job in this regard. If you decide to buy a Blackberry Bold 9900, please be careful and choose the right SIM Only offer that will suit your needs and budget.

BlackBerry 9900 – Design and features

Let’s review a little basic specifications of this model. I didn’t put a list of them but rather will highlight those that come forward.

  •     2.8 inch screen with 640 x 480 resolution, touchscreen;
  •     QWERTY keyboard;
  •     Dual band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n;
  •     NFC (Near Field Communications) compatibility;
  •     Improved security of data and e-mail;
  •     1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor/768 MB RAM;
  •     5 Megapixel Camera / Video 720p@30 fps;
  •     8 GB internal memory and microSD support;
  •     The optical trackpad is very sensitive and precise;

In terms of design Bold 9900 is slightly higher than the previous 9700, like 9000 that had a larger screen and a keyboard easier to use. Increasing the display even with very little is welcome given that the screen is touchscreen and has a 2.8-inch diagonal and a 640 × 480 pixels resolution.

In its box we have all the accessories we need. Cable, USB charger and plug, headset microphone, the active cover typical BlackBerry and a small cloth for cleaning. Besides we find the papers and Software CD for PC or MAC.

The phone case is slightly larger than its predecessor 9780, to accommodate a larger display and a battery. To its size of 115x66x10.5 seams thinner. As it weighs 130g weight, decent for a Smartphone with high performance and solid construction. The metal edge is beautifully finished with the same side chrome but far more elegant. The front is divided almost equally between display and keyboard, the back is made of metal covered with a matte surface, grip, which adds stability when held in hand. What I liked was but the back cover, even if it has a stylish design and is very well sealed has no resistance at all even with the repeated introduction in the leather case that comes with the phone.

Returning again to the cover design many have said that this would not be the best solution for a business phone and that they were pleased with the surface of Blackberry 9000. I believe that the carbon fiber design of this case fits very well with this phone message that wants to impose, and to bring a new spirit in this market segment.

The media is very interesting, the music player remained the same, the same design and same options and functionality on the video but we have some major changes. Firstly in terms of options but also the supporting formats. I was impressed that runs almost any video file like DivX, MP4, WMV, H.264 up to 720p resolution.

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