HTC Droid Incredible – Review, Features, Price, Specifications


Verizon HTC Droid Incredible

HTC has always launched incredible gadgets for its users. Now, it has come up with something amazing in the form of HTC Droid Incredible. This phone has an 8 megapixel camera, so that you can click the most high quality snaps. It also has a great battery life.

Droid Incredible is also powered by the Google’s android operating system. That’s why it bears a resemblance to Google Nexus One. However its touch screen responds quite better to Google Nexus. This phone provides its users with Bluetooth wireless headsets and car speakers. Its available at Verizon for 79.99$ for a 2 year contract. This phone makes sure that you don’t get lost in any part of the world with an integrated GPS feature. It also has contact management services like integrated flickr, twitter and facebook applications so that staying in touch with pals is not a hassle. With this device, users can benefit with WIFI and have internet connectivity anywhere. It has a 3.5 mm headset made available with it so that listening to music anywhere anytime is feasible.

It also has an optical joystick so that users don’t find it tough to navigate through this menu. This phone is a bit heavy to pick with its weight of 4.59 ounces. Its seven screen panels indicate the various options of the menu which can be seen easily with a leap view. It is a perfect phone with 8GB of internal memory which can be further increased with a micro SD slot.

HTC Droid Incredible is a good mobile phone to go with, one can’t get anything better than this for such an affordable price. ;)

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