HTC Velocity – Pushing speeds in Telstra 4G networks


HTC has been churning out a lot of high-end devices. HTC Titan, HTC Sensation XL and XE are just some to name with. However, there is also another great HTC device which has a considerably high spec and this is the HTC Velocity. It comes with a 1.5 GHZ dual-core processor and has 1GB RAM built inside the device. The screen size of 4.5 inches is definitely good to have and its 8 megapixel camera has a stellar performance as well. It is truly a magnificent device and in fact, it is also Australia’s few devices which support 4G networks.

Telstra is one of the first few Australian carriers which have started expanding their 4G networks. The carrier’s 4G network is still new and fresh which means that it is a great experiment to see how fast it can go and how well it would compare to countries that have already implemented that particular network.

The device being tested is no other than the HTC Velocity. The experiment was quite promising as the device almost reached peak connectivity as the download speed was at a whopping 40.77Mbps and uploading speed of 20.07Mbps. This was done by Trevor Long from Ausdroid. The future of mobile internet in Australia seems pretty bright indeed.

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