LG to release LTE-supported phone; called LG Optimus LTE


It looks like every phone manufacturers is pumping up their gears to compete for a chunk of the massive mobile phone market. Previously, Samsung managed to sell at least 10 million Samsung Galaxy S II outside of the Us which is definitely an impressive number. Now, LG has released a new mobile phone but with a unique feature: LTE support. This new phone of LG will have the official name of Optimus LTE which is a continuation of the Optimus family which has a number of famous phones namely the Optimus 2x, Optimus 7 and a lot more.

The new LG Optimus LTE will sport a 1.5GHz dual-core processor which puts it at the higher-end type of mobile phone. In addition to that, Optimus LTE will also have ‘the highest resolution IPS display’ at 1280×720 pixels on a 4.5-inch screen. This is definitely an impressive specification indeed and is definitely something people must look at.

Other interesting technical spec includes a 20GB space (4GB internal, 16GB microSD), 1GB RAM, two cameras, HDMI connectivity and a lot more. This put it on par with other impressive phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation and many more. Is it worth to buy? Only you can decide it.

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