Motorola Droid – Motorola’s Android Phone


Motorola Droid (Android Phone)

Motorola Droid is Motorola’s Android Phone. There are many excellent features contained in Motorola Droid. The first of them is that it has an excellent web browser for brilliant internet navigation facilities. It also has a brilliant operating system of android 2.0 (Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Update is now available).

It is a phone meant for perfect communication with long call quality and talktime. This phone is perfect for office users. They can benefit from the Gmail and Microsoft office for sending emails. They can send their mails with just the push of a button. The office users can also retrieve their emails at a single point of time. This phone can collect all the messages from different accounts, but they are distinguished through color codes. These messages can also be segregated so that users don’t have to separate work and office messages later.

Motorola Droid is the quickest android phone to have been launched until date. It has all the functions that could have been included in an android device. However, it lacks the Bluetooth enabled voice dialing feature.

Unlike all the other previous android devices, which were quite slow, this phone does not lag anywhere. Motorola android is a touch screen device. The QWERTY keyboard does not offer the intended functionality. Also, this phone lacks dual GSM roaming capabilities. Its available for $199.99 on Verizon wireless. It also has in built navigation applications and Google maps. The slider of this phone is a bit erratic. Motorola Droid also has a bright and gorgeous screen resolution of 440×854 pixels, ideal for viewing websites and images.

In short, Motorola Droid is a good phone for official use and  it is better than other android phones is some aspects.

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