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The collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia is anything but a secret as the Finnish company agreed to equip their new devices with the mobile operating system that is developed by Microsoft which is the Windows Phone 7. Nokia devices sporting WP7 was rumored to come sometime by next year but somehow the company has decided to release it a bit earlier with the Nokia Lumia 800.

The Lumia 800 looks almost exactly like the N9 which is one of Nokia’s flagship models based on the Meego mobile OS. However, the bits and pieces that are in the Lumia 800 is nothing similar like the N9 and here are some reasons why.

Lumia 800 comes with a 1.4GHz single-core Qualcomm processor. We expected to get dual-core out of the device but there is no support for it yet for Windows Phone 7. In addition to that, there is also a 512MB RAM instead of the 1GB available on the Nokia N9. The storage capacity on the other hand is at 16GB with no additional microSD card slots which mean users will have to stick with the 16GB and nothing more. In addition to that, the screen is slightly smaller in the Nokia Lumia 800 at only 3.7-inch instead of 3.9-inch which is available on the Nokia N9.

With all of this being said and done, the Lumia 800 may not be as powerful as the N9 but at around $70 cheaper and a Windows Phone 7 as its mobile OS, a lot of users may find the Lumia 800 a phone that is good to have.

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  1. The fact that I had a crush on a Nokia N9 made it to my “to buy” list. However, the Nokia Lumia 710 looked better.

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