Nokia N8 SmartPhone Features, Review and Specifications


Nokia N8 SmartPhone

Nokia launched their new N-Series SmartPhone N8 on 27th April 2010. There are chances that this phone will be available in the markets in summer 2010. N8 is a cool smartphone which carries various cool features. It looks like N8 is one of the most advanced phone launched by Nokia so far.

When iPhone was launched with a cool Operating System, the sale of nokia phones decreased and the sale of iPhone increased just because of the OS. This time Nokia updated their OS from typical, i.e. Symbian OS to Symbian^3 Platform. The new features which comes with the Symbian^3 Platform includes gestures support (like pinch to zoom) and multi-touch. The phone is now more speedy, the UI is now faster and it responds more quickly. N8 comes with a task manager and it has better memory management system too.

Features of Nokia N8 SmartPhone:

Camera- Nokia N8 has got a 12 MegaPixels camera, so far the best camera as compared to any other nokia phone. The camera comes with Carl Zeiss Optical Lens and Xenon Flash. This phone can easily record High Definition Videos and can click HD Pictures too. It can record HD Videos 720p.

Display and Screen Size of N8- The approximate screen size will be 3.5′ (3.5 inches) and it will be running on WVGA.

Operating System (OS)- N8 comes with the new Symbian^3 Platform.

Storage Memory- The new Nokia SmartPhone has got 16 GB of inbuilt storage memory and one can use the microSD expansion slot to expand the memory upto 48GB, that means you can use a card upto 32 GB.

Connectivity- There are a plenty of connectivity options available for Nokia N8, it supports EDGE, GPRS, 3G with HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

Nokia N8 Tech Specifications:

It is one of the best SmartPhone so far, comes with tons of features, with this phone, one can easily connect to his facebook or twitter account too. One can access Ovi Store to download the best applications for Nokia N8.

Price of Nokia N8 SmartPhone:

Euros: 370

Dollar (USD): 494

To know more about this phone, check out the following videos:

Introducing The New Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Media Wall

Nokia N8 Gaming

Nokia N8 Facebook

So if you are looking for the “Next Big Thing” you can have Nokia N8 in your pocket. It is a very cool new gadget which will be soon available in the markets, do remember to grab it out. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Features of this phone is very fascinating. 12 MP camera and specially after seeing the video quality and images, it seems to great!!

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    • Akash says:

      Yes, the features are really awesome. I am sure that it is going to be the Next Big Thing… ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Nice Phone Gonna Buy This……..

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  3. vuk says:

    Anyone know if Nokia N8 phone is compatible with SymRDP or any other similar Remote Desktop software with touch screen support?

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    • Akash Malik says:

      The Nokia N8 runs on a newer version of Symbian. Compatibility of applications is still unclear until the release, however I personally feel that the newer Symbian version will be able to run most of the applications which are compatible with the older version.


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  4. bro great post and great phone nice to see Nokia coming up with good phones to get their authority back.

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  5. Feris says:

    Nice Phone for Nokia…….

    gadget device

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