RIM Blackberry Bold 9700 Review, Specs, Price


RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

Rim blackberry bold 9700 is a great phone. It is a true smart phone that can support the needs of the working professional. It offers them perfect internet connectivity with Wifi. They can also find their directions easily with GPS(global positioning systems). Owing to the presence of blackberry operating system 5 in it, the processing speed of this phone is quite high. It’s the first Blackberry 3G gadget launched by T-mobile.

Although blackberry has stressed on a compact design in this gadget, the truth is that it also has a smaller keyboard and display. Although small, its keyboard can be used ideally for typing all kinds of messages. The web browser of this phone is not as great as that provided by the major smart phones today. The speed and functionality of this browser are not at par with other mobile phones, but this lack of speed is present in all blackberries. Its price is 69.99$ on all T-mobile stores. With specifications of 4.29X2.36×0.56 inches, it can be taken anywhere. This phone has a large screen display of 2.44 inches so that users can watch their images easily. The resolution of this screen is also quite good at 480×360-pixels. This kind of a resolution enables users to read their text easily and browsing through images is also fun. T-mobile has certainly added a worthwhile gadget to its ensemble with its sleeker lines and impressive features. It also has a micro SD card slot so that users can easily enhance the memory of this phone as per their specifications.

Overall, it is a good phone a speedy web browser would have made it better.

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